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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Putus kepala - 18SG [8pics]

Gambar-gambar lain di bawah dikategorikan sebagai 18SG, gulung ke bawah dengan kesedaran sendiri. 

Peringatan... 18SG.

Reminder 18SG


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[pic] The power of teamwork!!

One man said, "A team up sheeps is stronger than a lonely wolf."

In business, a team is important. Always work in team, where you can find yourself completed. The importance of teamwork, therefore, is best shown by this figure. How true it is!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Smart car anybody?

Tiny and sleek design is plausible. Solve traffic and parking problem or oil usage. However there is the biggest and scariest fact about being tiny. Well, I guess you know what is it.

Will the driver survive this?

Or he was already a hamburger meat? So, smart car anybody? Before purchase it, you have to be a smart driver first!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Amateur camera. Tiang basement parking F15 MidValley berhantu.

Look at the far behind.

Is that for real? I mean real ghost? Or a real cute little girl stand there to create some scary scene at the basement parking. Well, when your little sister poured by white wheat powder, that is a good chance to make her a ghost what. Kesian budak tu haha.

African Mega 'Trunks'!! (18SX)

They are called " elephant man " not because they have the nose the size of a trunk , but their genital , it's believe in average they're 20-30cm long , so long that it hang around the knee & some even drag across the floor


To make life easier, they'll tie it round their waist or leg, or else they may step on their own penis & caused unbearable pain , they will cover it with animal skin or bull/goat horns according to their wealth in the tribe

It was believe that this man, when he's flaccid, his penis is about 33.5cm long 4.3cm in dimension, about a size of an egg, 56cm long 7.5cm in dimension when he erect, almost the same size of female leg, testiscles are as big as duck egg, they can ejaculate to 6 meter , & semen can filled a 95ml cup , hence it's believe is the top of the world

Think this will put most guys in shame.

Gila? I got this in email. Believe it!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Panda Thailand. Eh, kat Siam ada panda?? [5pics]

sapa tak kenal panda memang panda la. yg tengah bersenggama kat sblh tu mmg betul panda. itu kat cina kot. ok la tanah sejuk ada salji.

tapi kalau kat siam, xpernah plak aku tau ada panda. siap ada belalai hahaha cilaka.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sotong berkepala manusia. [3pics]

Itu bukan kepala. Itu bontot dia, bangang. haha.

Metro: Student Universiti kawin sendiri2

"Woi mat kau wali bukan pengantin lelaki, yang kau terima nikah tu pesal? Ni awek aku tahu?"


Difikir-fikir, bagus juga sebab nak mengelakkan zina. Ye lah, dah kawin kan, kau nak tusuk belah kanan ke, kiri ke, terlentang ke, sambil-sambil siapkan laporan ke ikut suka engkaulah. Tapi betul ke cara tu?

Adoi, idea sapa ni weh?

Thursday, February 18, 2010