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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Tiga gambar bodyguard perempuan Gaddafi 'The Revolutionary Nuns' yang ditembak mati. [3pics]

These are not good images (18SG) to show, as we prefer to post beautiful functional girls here (with boobs of course) in Faceberuk. However, there are sad stories behind them that we are going to tell.

When Gaddafi fled, his female bodyguards 'The Revolutionary Nuns' also disbanded. Still many of them were tracked down.

According to information organized by a Middle Eastern website, the first Gaddafi bodyguard in the first picture above, fled with her boyfriend but was caught by the opposition and shot dead, the two of them dying together. In the context, her boyfriend had done nothing wrong except being a boyfriend to a most wanted girl. He must be protecting her at the time of the killing, thus he finally died. Fuck the opposition soldiers, fuck them all. Yes, they are muslems.

The second was identified despite her makeup/disguise and was beaten to death. She was beaten to death. Yes, you can see the bloody jaw and shit. Trying to imagine that made me freeze cold in disbelieve. She was wrong, but she did not deserve that kind of fucking stupid humiliation.

The third was kidnapped by the opposition’s soldiers, viciously tortured and gang-raped for days before being strangled to death with the words “the fate for Gaddafi’s whores” beside her, her body rotting when discovered. The anti-Gaddafi soldiers, are they muslems? Which ustat told them they can gang-fuck peer muslem girl in the name of hudud?

At the time the three were killed, Gaddafi was still on the run!

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