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Monday, June 28, 2010

Taktik Germany menjadi. England bungkus!

Siapa kata ulasan di entry ini adalah lawak semata-mata?

Cuba perhatikan kebenaran ini.

Bandingkan dengan ini:

Hehe... sama bukan?

England barai. Argentina belasah Mexico ... fuh ... fuh

So, we got the results now. An interesting match is waiting us in the quarter final, it is Argentina to take on Germany.

Early last night, we saw how England was taught how to play football by Germans. I was expecting a big score against England, and well it was a little bit bigger.

Germany vs England result.

And a moment just now, Argentina has proven their power in the World Cup. The first goal is controversial, second goal is a gift and the third goal is unstoppable. Another goal by Higuain, and two by Tevez.

My prediction last night was, Argentina 3 - 0 Mexico.

Again, I missed one goal, this time for Mexico. I was right that Dos Santos was not going to find a target, but a young talented player, Hernandez come in the frame to score that complimentary goal.

Now, I think Alex Ferguson might need to start reconsidering how he is going to arrange the striker positions in the next Barclay's EPL season. At least Hernandez got balls to score one goal. Rooney?

What the hell is wrong with Rooney? He could not even play football. Can't you see last night? That's horrible.

That is the latest update up to now. And we will have two good games tonight. Netherlands will beat Slovakia by a penalty shot. Brazil will eat Chile alive with a small score. Maybe 2-0.

Tevez scored a long range goal to make it three.

Messi was still yet to score. I think he will score against Germany in the quarter final.

German 4 - 1 England - Rooney should not be in the team!

Akakaka. I told you already, England will loose to Germans. I also made my prediction in my last post, it was Germany 3 - 1 England. 

Muller goal. That guy kicked hard huh!

Yeah, I missed one goal. That's okay, because I feel I am quite good at predicting now. I got France 2-0 Mexico last day. And this time I missed one goal for Germany. I can't wait to watch the next match.

Now, I have to go to sleep, the next match is even better. Argentina and Mexico. This one for sure I will go for Argentina. The score line will be a large number as both team apply attacking football. But I cannot see how Dos Santos can find a target.

I love to see Mexico to go through, but Argentina seems too strong to be beaten. So, I have to choose

 Argentina to win by 3-0 score.

Let's sleep and see.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

African Mega Balls!! Are they for real??

Their story below.

In the border area between Kenya and Somalia is home to a mysterious tribe in North Africa, the tribal residents are suffer from lack of nutritional food & vitamins.  At the end, they resource to the cows they keep in the village , they have an incredibly practices since they're a child -licking & consume cow's period discharge !! As this will helps provide the nutrients the body lack of , it's also an effective prevention and treatment of local prevalence of rickets, scurvy and leukemia.

This tribe is unique in the world, the tribes of men started consuming cow genital substances since they're child & will only stop after they got married. Local residents believe that men who consume cow discharge, not only does it prevent diseases, but also more courage and masculinity. Recently, the Italian scientists found that not only do cows discharge full of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin D, In addition, including micro-iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and potassium elements. Hence scientists believe that the practice of consuming cow discharge has successfully prevent the tribe suffer from anemia.

More surprisingly, all those men who consume cow discharge , their testicles grow extremely huge & fast starting from puberty so large that it could be 70-80 cm in diameter on average. The miracle of this human history may caused by rich hormone of cow discharge . It is understood that the tribal men huge testicular growth have not affect their sex life but it does cause inconvenience in daily life.

It has attract lots of tourist all around the world to go to this place to see & understand how men genital can grow to such a size, they have also donate money to improve the quality of their food. this may helps the tribe to improve in their diet & have better substance to provide needed nutrition & vitamin, rather than consuming cow discharger food and nutritional supplements, & not to be proud of genital malformations that their having now...

Gila? Believe it!

Ramalan aku akan England.

Okey, good. England pass ujian pertama. Main tentang Slovenia semalam macam cipan aku tengok, tapi still lucky, dapat pertahan 1 gol.

Rooney apsal? Dia uluran ke apa?

Seperti yang aku jangkakan sebelum ini, England akan bertemu Jerman.

Dan menurut firasat Jin gua tengkorak yang aku bela, dia kata England kalah dengan Jerman dengan aggregate...


Aku dah bet Mexico 2 - 0 France sebelum ni. So, this is my second bet.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Buat pakai pasir aje, perkgh dasat dasatt...

Ini dragon kena tambat siot haha. Tengok gigi dia real perkgh!

Daughter dia nangis ayah dia mati... fuh...

Err... singa dia tu muka macam sapa ek. A'ah Harun Salim baik haha.

Woh, censored!

Banyak la dia mcm tu Adam dicipta...

Ini memang best.

Itu kucing ke anjing?

World without Engineer (Funny haha)

Electronics Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Civil Engineers

Communication Engineers 

Computer Engineers 

Aeronautical Engineers

So, anybody want to be an engineer?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

11 Most Poisonous Creatures on Earth!!

Jelly box can be found in the waters around Asia and Australia.

The King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the worlds longest venomous snake - growing up to 5.6 m (18.5 ft) in length. Ophiophagus, literally means snake-eater as it eats other snakes. One single bite of this deadly snake can easily kill a human. This snake is even capable of killing a full-grown Asian Elephant within 3 hours if the larger animal is bitten in a vulnerable area such as the trunk.

Its venom is not as toxic as other venomous snakes, but King Cobra is capable of injecting 5 times more venom than black mamba and can result in mortality up to 5 times faster than that of the black mamba. It is quite widespread, ranging across South and South-east Asia, living in dense highland forests.

This little beautiful looking Marbled Cone snail can be as deadly as any other animal on this list. One drop of its venom is so powerful that it can kill more than 20 humans. If you ever happen to be in warm salt water environment (where these snails are often found) and see it, dont even think of picking it up. Of course, the true purpose of its venom is to catch its prey.

Symptoms of a cone snail sting can start immediately or can be delayed in onset for days. It results in intense pain, swelling, numbness and tingling. Severe cases involve muscle paralysis, vision changes and breathing failure. There is no antivenom. However, only about 30 human deaths have been recorded from cone snail envenomation.

The Blue-Ringed Octopus is very small, only the size of a golf ball, but its venom is so powerful that can kill a human. Actually it carries enough poison to kill 26 adult humans within minutes, and there is no antidote. They are currently recognized as one of the worlds most venomous animals.

Its painless bite may seem harmless, but the deadly neurotoxins begin working immediately resulting in muscular weakness, numbness, followed by a cessation and breathing and ultimately death.

They can be found in tide pools in the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Australia.

Fortunately, while a sting from this scorpion is extremely painful, it would be unlikely to kill a healthy, adult human. Young children, the old, or infirm (with a heart condition) are at the biggest risk.
Death stalker scorpions are spread in North Africa and Middle East.

Maybe Stonefish would never win a beauty contest, but it would definitely win the top prize for being The World Most Venomous Fish. Its venom causes such a severe pain that the victims of its sting want the affected limb to be amputated. It is described as the worst pain known to man. It is accompanied with possible shock, paralysis, and tissue death. If not given medical attention within a couple of hours It can be fatal to humans.

Stonefish stores its toxins in gruesome-looking spines that are designed to hurt would-be predators.

Stonefish mostly live above the tropic of Capricorn, often found in the shallow tropical marine waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans, ranging from the Red Sea to the Queensland Great Barrier Reef.


The Brazilian Wandering Spider (Phoneutria) or banana spider appears in the Guinness Book of World Records 2007 for the most venomous spider and is the spider responsible for most human deaths.
This spider is believed to have the most potent neurotoxic venom of any living spider. Only 0.006mg (0.00000021oz) is sufficient to kill a mouse. They are also so dangerous because of their wandering nature. They often hide during daytime in highly populated areas inside houses, clothes, boots, and cars.
Its venomous bite causes not only intense pain, the venom of the spider can also cause priapism - uncomfortable erections lasting for many hours that lead to impotence.

The prize for The Worlds Most Venomous Snake goes to the Inland Taipan of Australia. Just a single bite from this snake contains enough venom to kill 100 human adults or an army of 250,000 mice. Its venom is at least 200 - 400 times more toxic than a common cobra. The Inland Taiwans extremely neurotoxic venom can kill an adult human in as little as 45 minutes. Fortunately this snake is very shy and there have been no documented human fatalities (all known bites were treated with antivenin).

If you ever happen to be running through the rain forests somewhere in Central or South America, do not ever pick up beautiful and colorful frogs - it can be the Poison Dart Frog. This frog is probably the most poisonous animal on earth.The 2 inch long (5cm) golden poison dart frog has enough venom to kill 10 adult humans or 20,000 mice. Only 2 micrograms of this lethal toxin (the amount that fits on the head of a pin) is capable of killing a human or other large mammal. They are called dart frogs because indigenous Amerindians use of their toxic secretions to poison the tips of their blow-darts.. Poison dart frogs keep their poison in their skins and will sicken or kill anybody who touches or eats it.

muka tak boleh blah hahaha

Puffer Fish are the second most poisonous vertebrate on earth (the first one is golden dart Frog). The meat of some species is a delicacy in both Japan (as fugu) and Korea (as bok-uh) but the problem is that the skin and certain organs of many puffer fish are very poisonous to humans.
This puffy fish produce rapid and violent death..Puffers poisoning causes deadening of the tongue and lips, dizziness, vomiting, rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, and muscle paralysis. Victims die from suffocation as diaphragm muscles are paralyzed. Most of the victims die after four to 24 hours. There is no known antidote, Most deaths from fugu happen when untrained people catch and prepare the fish.
Statistics show that there were 20 to 44 incidents of fugu poisoning per year between 1996 and 2006 in all of Japan and up to six incidents per year led to death. Since Fugus poison can cause near instantaneous death, only licensed chefs are allowed to prepare it.

And the most poisonous creature goes to....








Most don’t realise until it is too late. The degree of their venom  depends on which one you have and there is no known ante-venom…