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Thursday, June 24, 2010

African Mega Balls!! Are they for real??

Their story below.

In the border area between Kenya and Somalia is home to a mysterious tribe in North Africa, the tribal residents are suffer from lack of nutritional food & vitamins.  At the end, they resource to the cows they keep in the village , they have an incredibly practices since they're a child -licking & consume cow's period discharge !! As this will helps provide the nutrients the body lack of , it's also an effective prevention and treatment of local prevalence of rickets, scurvy and leukemia.

This tribe is unique in the world, the tribes of men started consuming cow genital substances since they're child & will only stop after they got married. Local residents believe that men who consume cow discharge, not only does it prevent diseases, but also more courage and masculinity. Recently, the Italian scientists found that not only do cows discharge full of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin D, In addition, including micro-iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and potassium elements. Hence scientists believe that the practice of consuming cow discharge has successfully prevent the tribe suffer from anemia.

More surprisingly, all those men who consume cow discharge , their testicles grow extremely huge & fast starting from puberty so large that it could be 70-80 cm in diameter on average. The miracle of this human history may caused by rich hormone of cow discharge . It is understood that the tribal men huge testicular growth have not affect their sex life but it does cause inconvenience in daily life.

It has attract lots of tourist all around the world to go to this place to see & understand how men genital can grow to such a size, they have also donate money to improve the quality of their food. this may helps the tribe to improve in their diet & have better substance to provide needed nutrition & vitamin, rather than consuming cow discharger food and nutritional supplements, & not to be proud of genital malformations that their having now...

Gila? Believe it!

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