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Monday, June 28, 2010

German 4 - 1 England - Rooney should not be in the team!

Akakaka. I told you already, England will loose to Germans. I also made my prediction in my last post, it was Germany 3 - 1 England. 

Muller goal. That guy kicked hard huh!

Yeah, I missed one goal. That's okay, because I feel I am quite good at predicting now. I got France 2-0 Mexico last day. And this time I missed one goal for Germany. I can't wait to watch the next match.

Now, I have to go to sleep, the next match is even better. Argentina and Mexico. This one for sure I will go for Argentina. The score line will be a large number as both team apply attacking football. But I cannot see how Dos Santos can find a target.

I love to see Mexico to go through, but Argentina seems too strong to be beaten. So, I have to choose

 Argentina to win by 3-0 score.

Let's sleep and see.

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