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Monday, June 28, 2010

England barai. Argentina belasah Mexico ... fuh ... fuh

So, we got the results now. An interesting match is waiting us in the quarter final, it is Argentina to take on Germany.

Early last night, we saw how England was taught how to play football by Germans. I was expecting a big score against England, and well it was a little bit bigger.

Germany vs England result.

And a moment just now, Argentina has proven their power in the World Cup. The first goal is controversial, second goal is a gift and the third goal is unstoppable. Another goal by Higuain, and two by Tevez.

My prediction last night was, Argentina 3 - 0 Mexico.

Again, I missed one goal, this time for Mexico. I was right that Dos Santos was not going to find a target, but a young talented player, Hernandez come in the frame to score that complimentary goal.

Now, I think Alex Ferguson might need to start reconsidering how he is going to arrange the striker positions in the next Barclay's EPL season. At least Hernandez got balls to score one goal. Rooney?

What the hell is wrong with Rooney? He could not even play football. Can't you see last night? That's horrible.

That is the latest update up to now. And we will have two good games tonight. Netherlands will beat Slovakia by a penalty shot. Brazil will eat Chile alive with a small score. Maybe 2-0.

Tevez scored a long range goal to make it three.

Messi was still yet to score. I think he will score against Germany in the quarter final.

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