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Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Walawei, i phone 4. So, what's wrong with iphone 3 until they upgrade to iphone 4?

Okay, okey. Frankly, I am not a hand phone geek. So, I do not know the answer for my own question above. Phone is phone, talk and sms, that's it. To play game, I prefer PS3 at home. On the go I don't play video game, makes me dizzy. I also do not use a hand phone to watch movie, the tiny screen will spoil the whole excitement. And to watch movie on the go? Oh please, I need a life, a physical life.

By referring to my way of life above, I really hope to have the iphone and see how it can turn me to be a different person. Hopefully, heh. Will see how an iphone can change me...

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