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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Posmen2u link exchange

Dear readers,

In starting business, we believe collaboration is the most fundamental element. Likewise, in blogging, for us to start alone is difficult unless we do collaboration. The most effective collaboration in blogging is by exchanging link.

For bloggers with higher Google PR, they come to a blog with selling attitude which we, bloggers with lower PR, must give them something to earn their blog space for our link. Some demand for money. Well, this blog has not generated any money for that purpose.

Therefore, here, I welcome everybody to exchange link with me. We write, we share. We share friends and from there we share our knowledge. And if you are serious in blogging, you have to take this seriously. I will try to reach your blogs and invite you here. But if you happen to be here before that, appreciate you can put your link in the comment box below. I will publish your link in the front page, and hoping you to link me back.

We are on the web, and well, you know, the 'web' is a structure that support each other. I support you, you support me. That's how we are going to do it.

Feel free to leave your link in my comment box, I will link you provided you link me back.


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