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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

VVEADS - Blog directory, Increase traffic & network ads discuss‏

Biar posmen copy paste saja. Senang kerja hehe. Web host baru untuk ping blog, stats analysis dan discussion board. Layan...


http://vveads.com  is a new website launch in Malaysia.

Language used for website textual content is English.

vveads.com was hosted in Malaysia since May10. It's using Google Analytics for traffic monitoring.

- Counts daily and total page visits.(Admin email to update status)
- Display the count on the single post and page.(Assist to increase your site traffic.)
- Your blog/website will be created in thumbnail size(125x125) easy to view.

- Delicious.com bookmarker
- Twitter & Facebook sharing.
- Your website's linking.

Hope you will support and enjoy.

We Ads, We Click, We Gain

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